Alexander Martsinkevitch and gipsy group "Cabriolet"


Alexander MartsinkevichDear admirers of the gipsy songs.

To me and to the collective of the group "Cabriolet" it is wonderful to know, that the gipsy songs are loved by you. It helps to make a long journey short, supporting in difficult times, and it evokes to dance for pleasure and enjoyment.

For many of you a gipsy song is a companion of soul. You support us by buying our audiotapes and LPs, watching video clips, and writing letters to us. We are feeling your love and we are ready to sing and dance "till the morning".

Russia is a big country, but many of our fellow citizens live outside of its borders and may be away for a long long time somewhere very far away.
Feelings of nostalgia and warm memories from the mother country come with listening to our music and songs. This is why the music of "Cabriolet" is very popular in the United States of America, Canada, Israel and Australia among people who know russian language and have russian or gipsy roots. If I were to list all the countries, I receive letters from, it would turn into a geography lesson.

In their letters many people invite me to give concerts and come for a visit as a close friend. Many also share their pleasures, happiness and successes. I am grateful to all of you for your love and support.

For the short creative period I have written many different songs and on LPs you will find only the best ones. Everyone of them is painfully borne, repeatedly altered and rewritten. It is also always the case that there are many more songs, than can be recorded on new LP albums.
You can always hear these songs in our concerts.

Lately two video clips have been filmed for the songs "Biting the hands" and the long-awaited "The chains".

Once, having left the heart of the Maestro, the song flies not knowing borders. It can come to you too, if you are waiting for it.

Alexander Martsinkevitch

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